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Spring cleaning tips that will freshen up your energy usage

Sep 17, 2018, 12:34 PM by Miranda Davidson

Follow these tips to help reduce your energy usage this spring.

The start of spring has been a long time coming! The beginning of the new season brings with it warmer weather, lighter days and the perfect time to whip your home into shape with a few simple spring cleaning tips.

These little gems of wisdom will have your house sparkling in time for the sunshine, while also helping to reduce your household energy usage. 

Service your air-con

Fingers crossed you won’t actually needs to flick on the air-con for a little longer, but now is the time to get it checked out by a professional. With summer still a little while away, they’ll be far less busy at this time of year, and a few simple things will have your unit running well, which means less of a strain on your energy usage. Make sure you have the air filters cleaned or replaced, and also put the evaporator coils on notice – they usually need a yearly clean. 

Clear out the fridge

Having an overstocked fridge means it will be working harder to cool things you may not even want to eat, or are out of date. Give the inside a good clear out, then check the condenser coils. If they’re covered in dust, the motor won’t be running as efficiently as it could be.

Overstocked fridge

Sliding door

Defrost the freezer

While modern freezers automatically defrost, if you’ve got an older model or a deep freezer and the ice build-up is more than five centimetres, you need to defrost. The freezer will be working way too hard (and you probably have some unidentifiable arctic left-overs from the mid-90s hanging out in the back that need to be put out of their misery).

Sliding door service

If you’ve got sliding doors in your house, it’s time to give the tracks some attention. Dirt in the tracks could destroy the seals, which means your newly-serviced air-conditioner will be working harder to cool your home

Limit the hot water temperature

Check the temperature setting on your thermostat – it doesn’t need to be higher than 60 degrees if you have a hot water tank, or 50 degrees for continuous flow systems. It’s worth turning it down as the weather warms up – you won’t be needing your showers to be as hot.


Happy cleaning!
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