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Getting smart about keeping your family and home safe

Aug 28, 2018, 14:44 PM by Miranda Davidson

Security is a brilliant addition to the modern smart home.

Smart security
Gone are the days when a home security system meant a collection of surveillance cameras monitoring your every move.

With smart security, the focus has shifted from noisy wall-mounted lenses to technology that protects the most vulnerable members of your family, alerts you to potential dangers in and outside the home, and could even provide the end to the frustration  of losing your keys.

Keeping intruders out

Deterring intruders is most families’ top priority when it comes to security, and it’s common sense that a well-lit home is less attractive to burglars.

To this end, smart lights that include timers and motion sensors are a great solution. Going away for the weekend? You can schedule them to remain on every night, which can be more likely to put intruders off. They’re energy-efficient, too, since they only switch on when you decide they should. 

Looking out for family


There’s nothing more important than keeping our loved ones safe, especially those that need a little extra protection; smart home security cameras, using facial recognition technology, are adept at doing just that. These discreet devices can alert you at work or on the road to let you know your children or elderly parents have arrived home safely. Someone unrecognised at the door? You’ll be kept informed of that, too.

A camera outside the home is one thing. But if the idea of rooms fitted with cameras keeping an eye on your family’s comings and goings seems too much, a wi-fi camera system incorporating motion sensors, may provide a level of assurance you may not have thought of. Got an elderly family member at home whose movement hasn’t been detected for longer than you’re comfortable with? You’ll know to give them a call to check they’re OK.

Maintaining peace of mind

With increasingly busy lifestyles becoming the norm, many of us outsource errands and chores, from dog-walking to cleaning and cooking. Throw in a babysitter for a date night and a pet-sitter while you’re on holiday, and that’s several sets of keys you may need to distribute to strangers.

Smart locks come to the rescue here. A range of options include locks that can be opened via a remote or a pin-code, as well as allowing for both permanent and temporary users. Besides never having to make or hand out a spare set of keys again, you’ll avoid the hassle of misplacing your own set!

Couple that with smart smoke alarms and water leak detectors that send notifications to your device and you’ll have more peace of mind and assurance that your home – and the ones you love in it – are as safe as can be.
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