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6 creative ways to get warm while staying in

Jul 18, 2018, 14:36 PM by Miranda Davidson

It’s wild and woolly outside, making it the perfect time to bunker down indoors. 

There’s no need to turn up the heating - these ideas for ultimate cold weather comfort will help lift the energy in your home and ditch those winter doldrums. 

Family fun

Winter bake-off

Kids baking

Cold weather calls for comfort foods so declare a baking war and set your tribe the task of cooking their way to glory.

With supervision, little kids can manage easy tasks like assembling sausage rolls, decorating cupcakes and mixing brownie or muffin batter. Older kids can whip up mini pizzas, vegemite and cheese scrolls and chocolate crackles.

Declare a winner and tuck in with a hot drink!

Scavenger hunt

Racing around the house looking for clues and objects is a fun way to get everyone up and moving.

Hide a series of clues that lead to household objects. Things like:

- Q: The more I dry, the wetter I become – what am I? A: A towel.
- Q: I have a neck, but no head, but still wear a cap – what am I? A: A bottle.
- Q: I go up and down but never move – what am I? A: Stairs.

To make sure everyone gets nice and warm, place clues and their corresponding objects at opposite ends of the house or, if you have a two storeys, on different floors.

If there are enough people, divide into teams and have each team come up with clues for the other. Set a time limit so everyone’s racing against the clock – quicker movements mean warmer bodies!

Hot chocolate party

Hot chocolate

Dust off the slow cooker for a delicious evening treat that’ll bubble away and keep hot for as long as you need. Using a slow cooker also allows you to easily make enough hot chocolate for a crowd of kids; and there’ll be leftovers for mum and dad, too.

Set up a hot chocolate bar with toppings like mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, whipped cream and sea salt so everyone can customise their own drink.

Get started with our recipe for slow cooker hot chocolate.

Kid-free warmers

Pet sit-in


Cuddling up to a furry friend is heart-warming throughout the year, but feels even better on cold winter days. Don't limit it to your own pets - invite your friends and their fur babies over for a pet sit-in. Put on your favourite animal movie and get down to some serious furry snuggles.

Don’t forget the pet treats!

Home workouts

Itching to exercise but cold weather has you cringing? Shift some furniture and pick one of these YouTube channels for a lounge room workout.

Love circuit training? Load up Tone It Up for HIIT workouts to get that heart rate elevated quickly.

No equipment? No problem. The Body Coach TV is all about workouts that require nothing but your warmed-up muscles.

Looking for something low-impact? Some yoga courtesy of Yoga With Adriene is the ticket.

Chilli challenge

Get dinner cooked, guests fed and everyone toasty warm with a feast celebrating the humble chilli.

Invite your friends over for a chilli-themed potluck to find out who can whip up (and chow down) the hottest dish. Assign everyone a different cuisine or style, so there’s a good spread of essentials like curries, stir-fries and soups.

Create a hot-or-not scorecard for rating each dish’s spiciness to see who comes out the chilli champion. Leave the heater off and keep plenty of milk on hand!
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