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4 ways to renovate for energy efficiency

Mar 13, 2018, 14:50 PM by Miranda Davidson

Make more energy efficient choices during your home renovation which could help you save money in the long term.


Home renovations can be a big undertaking, but with some planning, it can set you up for equally big savings on your energy usage. 

Plant your energy savings

Renovating the gardenThink outside the square to increase energy efficiency: include the garden in your renovation. It’ll help you:

  • Save water. Choose natives and hardy plants that suit the climate you live in, so they don’t need much water.
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs. Plant beautiful deciduous trees near windows: they’ll give you shade in summer and let the sun in to warm your home during the cooler months.
  • Utilise what you’ve got. Put down a thick layer of mulch to retain the water your plants already have.

  • Energy efficient light fixtures

    When you’re buying lighting, you’ll find it easy to choose an energy efficient option as most inefficient forms of lighting have been phased out.

    Your best bet is with LEDs or compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

    Renovating is also a great opportunity to look at how much natural light gets into your home. If you can add some well-designed windows (that let in light, not heat) or skylights, you should be able to cut down your energy usage.

    Stop your energy from flying out the window Renovating couple making choices

    Up to 87 per cent of your home’s heat comes in through windows, making them a must-do in any renovation.

  • Install external blinds that you can put down on hot summer days and roll up in winter. They stop the radiant heat from warming your home when you’re trying to cool it.
  • Inside, pelmets and floor-length curtains stop the outside air from affecting your home’s temperature.
  • Ask your builder to mind the gaps around your windows and doors, which could add up to 25 per cent to your heating and cooling bill.

    Solar systems give you all the hot water you need

    The humble hot water system is an often-overlooked part of a renovation, but as the second highest energy user in your home (after heating and cooling), it’s time to give it a good, hard think.

    Solar hot water is the most energy efficient option on the market. While a solar system costs more upfront, it could provide up to 90 per cent of your hot water (depending on your local climate).

    With a few tricks up your sleeve, your home will be ready for its new evolution as an energy efficient dwelling.

    And, while you’re renovating, why not give your energy offer a fresh coat of paint with Simply Energy’s great range of offers on gas and electricity. Find out more here or call us on 13 88 82.


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