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Easily forgotten (but important) things to remember when moving house

Feb 28, 2018, 12:55 PM by Miranda Davidson

Moving house is something most of us will do at least once in our lives. It’s an exciting time, but organising it can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Besides packing boxes, cleaning rooms and organising removalists, there are a few important tasks you’ll want to keep in mind.

Moving houseProviding your new address


Most house movers will remember the obvious when updating their address – the bank, insurers, pay TV company, internet provider and any subscriptions.

But some necessities are bound to slip through the cracks; happily, these are pretty easy to sort and most can be done over the phone or online.

Make time to change your address on your driver’s licence within 14 days of moving. It’s illegal to have the wrong address on a license or learner’s permit, so this is some-thing you should get done sooner rather than later.

Changing your address on the electoral roll is another necessary, but slightly more complicated, task. You’ll have to provide evidence of your identity, and the online process can take a little while. Bear in mind you can’t actually change your address on the roll until you’ve lived at your new address for a month. 

Something you have to do ahead of time is let your energy provider know you’ll be moving. Your provider will need at least five working days’ notice, so factor this into your timeline. While you’re at it, make sure you also inform your water authority.

Also update your details with Australia Post – so they can redirect your mail – as well as your ambulance cover and toll tags. Your pet is likely to explore its new neigh-bourhood, so don’t forget to update your pet registration, either.

Essentials Box

You may hope to be relaxing in your new abode by the end of moving day, but things don’t always go to plan. To save you ferreting around looking for the essentials, pack a separate, easily accessible box to take with you.

It helps to think about your family’s evening and morning routines and include the most important things you use, such as:

  • Toiletries
  • PJs and a change of clothes for everyone
  • Cutlery and crockery
  • Snacks
  • Pet food and dishes
  • An emergency kit with any vital medicines
  • Scissors
  • Torch
  • Chargers for phones and devices
  • Kids’ comforters (teddies or blankies)

    Too much to remember? Print this handy checklist

    Moving house
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