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12 genius ways to beat the heat without air conditioning or a pool

Dec 28, 2017, 14:08 PM by Miranda Davidson

Have the scorching summer days got you feeling like a sticky mess? 

Keep your cool without reaching for the aircon remote - here are 12 easy ways to help limit your energy bill heating up over summer: 

  1. Turn the bathroom exhaust fans on.

    They’re designed to suck up hot air, after all! Children_water play

  2. Keep the blinds and curtains closed.

    It will keep the house much cooler. 

  3. Close the doors.

    Shut off any unused rooms – it’s much easier (and more energy efficient) to keep a smaller space cool.

  4. Fan hack #1. Fill a bowl with ice and put it in front of a fan.

    It’s the closest you’ll get to a cool sea breeze without getting sandy!

  5. Fan hack #2. Change ceiling fan direction.

    Did you know you can change the direction your ceiling fan rotates? Have it turn anti-clockwise to suck heat up.

  6. Freeze your sheets.

    Really! Pop your bed sheets into a plastic bag and into the freezer for a few minutes before putting them on your bed.
    You’ll hopefully stay cool long enough to fall asleep.

    Fruit punch

  7. Hang wet sheets in the windows.

    It will help amplify a cool breeze. 

  8. Use a hot water bottle.

    Fill it with water and put it in the freezer, then pop it in your bed for a few minutes before you go to sleep.

  9. Use a cold compress.

    An oldie but a goodie – use a cool wash cloth on your pulse points to bring some relief: wrists, neck, elbows, ankles and behind the knees. 

  10. Unplug electronics.

    Things like the TV and computers throw off heat (and add to your electricity bill!) so unplug them from the wall when they’re not being used.

  11. Wet your clothes.

    It may seem extreme, but it works just the same as your own body’s perspiration. It’s more fun if you do it by having a water fight with the kids! 

  12. Cool yourself.

    A cool drink or snack can work wonders on a sweltering day. Try this delicious and refreshing summer fruit punch!

    Icy Fruity Punch
    Freeze six cups of freshly squeezed fruit juice in ice cube trays. Once frozen pop a few cubes in a glass, along with a quarter of a cup of ginger ale and a quarter of a cup of mineral water. Bubbly bliss!

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