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9 cheap and easy last minute spring cleaning tips

Dec 5, 2017, 11:47 AM by User Not Found

We’re in the glorious throes of mid-spring - somewhere between swooping magpies and scorching footpaths, which means there’s still time to whip through a quick and easy spring cleaning list. 

Ditch the expensive chemicals, and get your Martha Stewart on – these tips will take nothing more than a couple of pantry ingredients and a little enthusiasm.Characters on ladder

    1. Let there be light

      Dusty light bulbs mean dull rooms – just give cooled bulbs a quick wipe with a cloth.

    2. Nuke your sponges

      If your dish sponges are a bit whiffy, don’t bin them – nuke ‘em! A quick blitz in the microwave for a minute will disinfect sponges. Added bonus: as the sponges release water, it helps loosen any food that’s dried on the inside of the microwave. A quick wipe and the microwave is clean too!

    3. Window washer

      A simple (and cheap) solution of two parts lemon juice to one part vinegar, diluted in hot water will have windows sparkling in the spring sunshine.

    4. Car freshener

      If the car is feeling stuffy after being closed up over winter, give it a spring lift with a sprinkling of bi-carb soda on the carpets. A quick vac and you’re sorted! (This works on pet beds too.)

    5. Bath bomb

      Halve a grapefruit and sprinkle it with salt. Use the grapefruit to get rid of soap scum in the bath (and it will smell delicious!).

    6. Drain it

      Sinks draining a little slow? Put half a cup of baking soda down the drain, with a half cup vinegar chaser. Put a wet cloth over the top and after five minutes flush it all through with hot water.

    7. Sparkling taps

      Multitask like a boss while brushing your teeth by rubbing some toothpaste over the tap and handles with a wet sponge until they gleam.

    8. Load up the dishwasher

      The dishwasher isn’t just for washing dishes! Here are a few things you can toss in for a thorough clean:

      • Plastic toys
      • Toothbrush holders
      • Pet dishes and toys
      • Dish sponges
      • The rangehood filter
      • Plastic hairbrushes (just take the hair out first)
      • Fridge shelves
      • Baseball caps

    9. Give your bank balance a spruce up
    10. Spring clean your home energy bills with Simply Energy’s great range of offers on gas and electricity. Find out more here or call us on 13 88 82 to clean up today.

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