Reduce waste and save money this Christmas

Dec 17, 2019, 23:54 PM

It’s no secret that our bins can be choc-a-block with cardboard, wrapping paper and food scraps over the holiday period. With a just few days before the jolly man makes his big appearance, we’ve stacked up some tips to help you reduce waste while saving money this Christmas.



Consider buying a real Christmas tree from a sustainable source. If you grab one in a pot, you can use it every year. If you do buy a real tree that’s cut, it can be turned into mulch to add to your garden or check with your local council to see if they offer a Christmas tree pick-up service in the new year.

As for decorations, try to buy good quality decorations that can be reused. Or even better make your own decorations from old cookie cutters, jar lids and scraps of yarn. Rather than buying chocolate cardboard advent calendars, consider getting into some DIY with recycled materials like jars, cardboard or take-away containers. There are tons of impressive ideas online, the best part is they can be reused and for a fraction of the cost.


Reducing waste at Christmas dinner.

You can cut down on the food waste from your festive meals by checking the fridge before you go shopping (don’t forgot the reusable bags) and sticking to a shopping list. By only buying what you need, you’ll have less leftovers and wastage. Of course, if there are any leftovers from Chrissie dinner you can freeze these for later, just don’t reheat them more than once. Compost any organic food scraps or pop them in your garden.

You can end up with lots of cans and bottles from holiday celebrations. Set up a labelled cardboard box for cans and bottles, so you can easily make sure they all make it into the right bin. Check for local return stations where you can return the containers for extra cash or charity donations. Alternatively, make those cans and bottles off limits with reusable cups (there’s also plenty of fun festive designs in stores).


Christmas gifts

Give a practical gift like an e-gift card or digital experience tickets such as a movie or concert. You can also get crafty and hand make something special like following a loaf or cookie recipe or going green with small potted plants.

Homemade items can mean so much more, while costing less money.

If you need to buy batteries for toys, consider rechargeable batteries as they’ll last much longer. Household batteries shouldn’t be placed into your regular bin,

as most batteries contain heavy metals which are can leak into the ground if not disposed of correctly.


Instead of paper Christmas cards, consider sending out e-cards. These can be kept for much longer and can be customised with family photos to make it more personal. If you do go for paper cards, donate any unwanted cards to local childcares or school for craft materials. Look out for wrapping paper made from recycled materials or reuse old bags, boxes or tissue paper.


By following these tips you can help save money and reduce waste over the festive season. Stay safe this holiday season, we look forwarding to continue working hard for our customers in the new year.

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